My Favorite character from the movie "ALIENS"

Cpl. Dwayne Hicks

Hero, or more?


Hicks sizing up a "tough" situation.

He's the guy who got the Marines out of a tough situation while in the hive. Sgt. Apone had already been killed and the task of leading the panicked Marines to safety fell into the lap of the next in command, Cpl. Hicks. Without his skill his trusty loaded sawed off shotgun, it's quite probable that all of the Marines would have died that fateful day.


(Hicks consoles a friend who's down in the dumps)



(The ALIENS taste the cold steel of a few rounds of Armour piercing ammo)


Quotable Hicks Quotes


Quote #1 "Drake, we are leaving." while exiting the hive (I believe it's one of the most mis-quoted lines in all of movie history. Most believe that the quote is , "Marines we are leaving" <which I believe is much cooler> but upon further inspection I believe that my interpretation is correct.


Quote #2 "Looks like the new Lieutenant's too good to eat with the rest of us grunts." Hicks first spoken words.


Quote #3 "They really kick @ss." About the robot sentry weapons.


Quote #4 "Eat this." while feeding an ALIEN his shotgun.





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